CEO Greetings

We will be the best company with a frontier technology and know-how.

Welcome to visit the website of Dae Sung G-3 Co.,Ltd.

Dae Sung G-3 have been working hard solely in the single path of technical educational equipment field for the last 35years since its establishment in 1980, and please to be stand here as an world-class professional company for educational training equipments.

We have developed as the comprehensive specialized manufacturer in the field of automotive educational equipments by systemizing from educational technical materials to the automotive, agricultural machinery, heavy equipments and educational training & exhibit equipments for industrial machinery at each specialized part.
We are keep on studying and developing the educational materials at each specialized sector, and making genuine efforts for the speedy & accurate sales and after-sale services.

On the basis of our corporate philosophy of GOOD IDEA, G00D PRICE, & GOOD PRODUCT learned with the firm experiences,
we will try continually paving the right & main way to be the world's leading luxury brand in the education equipments.

All of your kind words of support and encouragement would be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

President : Jae Kwan, Choi