Overview / Field of business

We will be the best company with a frontier technology and know-how.

  • Training equipment field

    Have been developing & manufacturing the equipments for acquiring basic theories and experimental practices of automotive, agricultural machinery & others. We are recognized in the world as well as domestic with an excellent quality & technology.

  • Exhibition & Promotional material field

    Based on the accumulated know-how with the manufacturing of automotive-related company's showroom exhibits and exhibition entry products, we are doing our utmost for customer satisfaction from design to production & services.

  • Preceding technology & Prototype field

    We are producing the preceding technology product development & prototype developing products of Hyundai Motors, Renault Samsung Motors & others through the latest technology and expert of each sector.

  • National and international project business / Government project business

    We are progressing together as the partner of overseas markets in the businesses carried out by KOICA(Korea International Co-operation Agency) & EDCF(Economic Development Cooperation Fund). In addition, we are participating & performing various tasks executed autonomously by national core strategic businesses, managing business of leading & general subjects or prototype development & manufacturing and other service responsible universities, companies & institutions.