We will be the best company with a frontier technology and know-how.

Consultation methods

1. Please consult us for the catalogue & drafting items by phone, e-mail and fax primarily.
2. We will promptly provide the quotation per type & detail specification for the requested items and visit to discuss, quote and supply fit to the demands.
3. It is very important to purchase the qualified & reliable goods on the basis of our providing proposal, detailed specifications & models and data.
4. We desire to make good use in counseling with the effective methods on procedure & information for the accurate purchasing of good products.
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FAX : +82-53-854-2406, 2407
Seoul offiec : +82-2-448-2401 / FAX : +82-2-448-2409
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Guidance for the specific specifications per type and quotation

There are large differences between the special specifications in manufacturing and our quotation due to the characteristic of demanding specifications & small quantity batch production for various kinds of educational equipments. So, we will be appreciated if there are detailed specification & discussed-estimate while drafting as we're doing sales differentiated with types & supply price per model.
1. Differences between specification and quality of raw & subsidiary materials
2. Differences in design structure, painting, coating, special specification and patent technology
3. Differences in type, technology and quality certification by the manufacturing know-how
4. Differences in option, material, associated circuit, sensor and system
5. Difference in performance, degree of precision, specification, function and educational effect
6. Difference in distribution structure, transportation, demanding standard and A/S

Manufacturing processes of educational systems

1. The provision of optimal supply prices is fulfilled by sorting out among the goods in use suitable for educational purposes only with high-priced basic raw materials and remodeling it after getting a complete examination pursuant to our HQ's standards. Then it will be created as educational new products going through the processes of complete disassembly, cleaning, sanding, processing, plating, painting, assembly & inspection.
2. Other raw & subsidiary materials & stands are manufactured with brand-new products as various devices, general, special specifications, options & etc., by our HQ's educational program & ISO standard for the production of equipment.
3. It is released as the products filled with the soul & technology of craftsmanship with the thorough quality inspection.

Supply and A/S

- We are certainly guarantee the quick supply and after service as the philosophy of G-3
- We established the systematic system through a a/S dedicated department.