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14-2-01 LPI Engine, A/T Control Diagnostic System Educational Training Equipment G-140201
  • 14-2-01
  • LPI Engine, A/T Control Diagnostic System Educational Training Equipment
  • G-140201

■  It is a high standard educational system of LPI 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder engine and 4 speed automatic transmission. (LPI: Liquid Petroleum Injection)

■  A consecutive operating system that is equipped with components such as engine, electrical system, fuel, cooling system, intake and exhaust system, automatic transmission, etc.

■  It is manufactured as an educational structure with the same condition of an actual vehicle for efficient education.

■  It has an educational training function that controls the condition of input and output by installing fault control module to ECU, TCU circuit.

■ DM System-Diagnosis and fault control module - Fault controls for circuits are set by the switch. - AL sculpture box, fault control part can be locked with cover.

■  By installation of a check terminal to ECU, TCU circuit, input and output data can be measured and trained conveniently with multimeter or oscilloscope.

■  It is composed as an efficient system for automobile engineer qualifying education and inspection training such as engine tune-up, exhaust gas, ignition timing, intake pipe, vacuum level, cylinder pressure, radiator, timing, fan belt, fuel, oil, electrolyte, charging, moving circuit, etc.

■  Electronic-control function of EOBD and instruction of diagnostic system and data can be trained through DLC and DM.

■  Pressure gages are installed at P,R,N,D hydraulic circuits of automatic transmission to instruct the operation of hydraulic circuits according to each range.

■ It is equivalent to the specification of G-140401 for the rest. 

■ Utility Model 20-0439940 : Vehicle training educating equipment holder

■ Utility Model 20-0440071 : Carrying board of articulated

■ Design 30-0575944 : Fuel tank for a vehicle, installation

■ Design 30-0641984 : RPM controller for a car engine simulator



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